Food Pantry

Food Pantry Times

 Fruit & Vegetable Boxes 9 am

 Scheduled Food Box 10:00 am

Fruit & Vegetable Boxes 2:00 pm

Hot Meals 10:00

One box per address once a week. Must have a PG&E bill or Water bill and a valid ID for everyone who lives in the household.

8 Responses to Food Pantry

  1. Michele Washington says:

    I live in dos palos and I am without food my children attend school in los banos is there any way you guys can help us with food please call me 209 737 8705

  2. Kristina says:

    I just moved here for seasonal work. & I don’t have water bill nor a PG&E bill. What else can I use?

  3. pastorsteve says:

    Any proof of address with your name on it will work.

  4. pastorsteve says:

    We refer all Dos Palos residents to Youth In Crisis. They have a weekly food distribution.

  5. Shelena singer says:

    Hi I live here in los banos and need food and fruits/vegs but right now I am on crutches and cannot drive is there anyway someone can deliver to my home I can give all necessary documents in person for 2 adults and 1teen.

  6. Ashlie M Runnells says:

    When is the next time you will be giving out food boxes or fruit&vegetable boxes??

  7. pastorsteve says:

    Hi Ashlie,
    We give out Fruit and Veggie boxes every Tuesday morning at 9:30am and Friday afternoon at 2pm. We also give out our regular food boxes on Friday mornings at 10am. Sorry for the late response.

  8. pastorsteve says:

    Hi Shelena,
    We would be happy to provide food for your family, however, we do not have the personnel to deliver food boxes.

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