Bible Quiz

This Is Impact Bible Quiz! 

Bible Quiz is similar to some game shows you may see on TV. Two teams consisting of 3 people compete to answer a group of 20 questions. These questions vary in difficulty.

 As the questions are popped, the first player to buzz in and give the correct answer wins points for the team. If the wrong answer is given the team looses points. The team with the most points wins.

 Pretty simple, right?

 During each quizzing season a different portion of the Bible is covered. The themes change every year and include the Old Testament, the Gospels, the Book of Acts and several of the Epistles. Many skilled gamers actually memorize the entire book they are being drilled on. This method can give them an edge, but others do well knowing only key verses. Keep in mind that Bible Quiz is not just reciting Scripture,knowing people, places and statements, Old Testament verses and other concepts are essential for maximum quizzing ability.

And The Contestants Are. . . There are 3 levels of quizzing:

 Primary–ages 5-8

 Junior–ages 9-12

 Senior–ages 13-19

  A team consists of 2-8 quizzers who must attend a PCG church, and a coach!

 Each district schedules its own quizzes (approximately 4 to 5 times per year). Districts hold meets with several teams competing, usually round-robin style. These meets usually begin in the fall. The regular season ends with district finals and the Junior and Senior winning teams will then compete in the divisional finals. One team from each division will then advance to the national finals.

What’s Behind Door Number One? Awards are given to the top three national teams in the Junior and Senior levels, as well as to the top 5 quizzers from each level.  Scholarships to Messenger College are awarded to the top 3 senior quizzers. Scholarships range from 1-4 years.

 How Can We Enter Contestant’s Row?

 It’s easy…just see Pastor Alaina if you are interested in participating in this fun and rewarding ministry. But………… By now you may be wondering how much effort, time or money you may have to

invest. Will your child be interested? What is required of the quizzer?. With a little effort and a little less TV time, any student can memorize 3 Bible verses in 15 minutes. Imagine your students finding themselves in a “tight spot” at school and a Bible Quiz verse pops into their head–suddenly the spot seems a little less tight–and they walk away! Just 30 minutes a day can produce rewards that you will never even be aware of, rewards that can last a lifetime and span generations. Yeah, Bible Quizzing is fun and winning is cool too, but the trophies, plaques and even the scholarships are not where it’s at.

The most important result is that God’s Word become infused into the very core of our youth. Their reward is an intimate knowledge of God’s own words, words spoken directly to them. This is truly the greatest reward!

You Too Could Be A Winner!